Hello and welcome! I’m Stella. 

...looking to the future.

...looking to the future.

I'm a product designer and bay area native based in Oakland, CA.

I’m passionate about the pragmatic, problem-solving side of design, making software work better for people, and developing UX strategies that drive business results.

Currently I'm a UX Design Manager at Workday, where I lead a team of product designers and researcher that strive to make enterprise financial and supply chain management software simple and beautiful. Before Workday, I was a Senior Interaction Designer at Intuit, where I led design for the homepage dashboard of QuickBooks Online and onboarding new users. I designed and delivered UI patterns for the product ecosystem, new user engagement strategies, guided setup experiences and more.

I have a Masters degree in Communication & Interaction Design from the School of Design at Carnegie Mellon University, and a B.A. from UC Berkeley in English (with a minor in Rhetoric, just for fun). In a past life, I administered research contracts and managed multimillion-dollar budgets for engineering faculty and researchers at UC Berkeley’s College of Engineering.

A lifelong love of music led me to do a Masters thesis on the UX of music festivals several years ago. It’s been downloaded over 3,700 times, and people around the world still email to ask me about it.  

If you want to see a website I coded a few years ago and some of my writing, you can check out my old portfolio. I used to share music I was excited about on Soundcloud, and still post some of my photography on Flickr and Instagram

You can contact me at sonic.bliss@gmail.com.